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Lagos to Barcelona

July 14, 2010

So after some breakfast I caught the train back to Lisbon. Strangely this time I had to pay a reservation, even though on the way down the conductor had just accepted my Eurail pass. 4 Euros is hardly a big deal though.
I arrived at the Lisbon hostel around 4, and the guy who does reception was actually there! I explained, he got me the thongs - which he wasn't sure about and had just left on the floor in the room, and then said I was welcome to stay for the day until my train to Madrid came! Great! Free wifi while I wait! :P I had considered going to do some more sightseeing but the tower I wanted to go to shuts at 5 so it wasn't really worth it.
The hostel was empty except for the receptionist at the time... so I did some planning, and caught up on some blogging. I had hoped to meet some of the people who had been here before, and eventually, around 6.30, Serina (from UK) and Regina who had been to the castle with us turned up. Needless to say they were a little surprised, but happy luckily :P
We chatted, ate some food, and Regina then had to leave to catch a bus to Madrid. The Australian girls then turned up as well, I cooked some more frozen pizza in a microwave, and ate some of Serina's breakfast quota of bread beans cheese and ham toasted sandwiches (I wasn't going to but she insisted! I say breakfast quota jokingly though :P ) Then off to catch the sleeper train back to Madrid. Not after a facebook add here and there which hadn't quite happened when there earlier.
At the station in Lisbon, and low and behold, I run into Andrew and Will again. However, after my horrendous experience on the way to Lisbon I'd booked a couchette this time, whereas they were sticking with the seats. Quick hellos, a phone number passed on for the hostel I was staying at as they hadn't planned anything and we jumped on the train. The couchette was great. At 31,90 euros (they use a comma instead of a decimal point, weird) vs. the 7 for the seat, it was comparable to a hostel bed and MUCH more comfortable. Had a chat to the guys in the cabin, wrote some more blog stuff, and dropped right off! None of this waking up 10 times in the night with a stiff neck. I can't imagine I'll do it every time, but it was actually a better sleep than some hostels - consistent background noise which was relatively quiet. Lagos was unsurprisingly noisy at nights :P
However the train was running nearly an hour late, and as such I missed my connection to Barcelona. 10 euros down the drain, and as the next two trains were booked out, a 3 hour wait to boot. Made it there eventually though, an uneventful train ride.