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A quick update

July 23, 2010

Been too busy to write full entries so a quick run down on the last couple of weeks.
After Switzerland I spent two nights with Robert - the guy I met in Egypt. Watched some football of course - being the finals weekend.

Then I headed over to Rothenberg o d Taube (lit. Rothenburg above the Taube (river)) a quaint medieval walled village full of tourists.

Then 3 days ferrying down the Rhein - staying in a castle, a hostel, and a cute little bed and breakfast run by a woman who knew next to no english. The Rhein (not Rhine as I keep misspelling while I type this) has castles galore - oftentimes you could see two at once, on various hills overlooking the river.
I visited Rheinfels (one of the largest castles in Germany - now a ruin) and Burg Eltz (one of the best preserved castles in Germany - still owned by the Eltz family) both were amazing.
Then onwards to Berlin, where I wish I had've spent longer than 2 nights, but I'd already booked Prague, where I ended up staying 4 nights. Both amazing cities for their history.
Now I'm chilling in Vienna. Or rather boiling, while fighting off oversized slow mosquitoes. The city itself is amazing architecturally. For me it's the sheer volume of magnificent buildings - someone who knows what they are talking about might say there is no variety or something, but I don't know any better!
Tomorrow I'm off to Salzburg, day after I may head back to Munich so I can drop by the Dachau concentration camp - which I missed on my first visit - as I need to visit at least one.
Then on to catch a few more castles in the south of Germany, and then in to Italy finally, where I hope to spend the majority of my remaining time in Europe. Venice first, and we'll see from there.

So, yes I am still alive, and when I get the time I'll write a bit more about the places I've already been =)