Louis des Landes
Louis des Landes

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Adelaide, Australia

Phoenix Hostel

June 09, 2010

Is decent enough. 10 beds in a room the size of my bedroom back home (to be fair my bedroom back home is quite large) is a little cramped, you can feel the springs in the mattress, and the pillow might as well not exist it's so thin. Despite this, I actually slept quite well the last two nights, despite noises and snoring and everything.
After arriving I went on a bit of a walk. After walking 10 minutes in the wrong direction, I figured out what way the river was and wandered down through Hyde Park Hyde Park bike path
to Buckingham Palace,Buckingham PalaceWas rather empty at 6pmthrough St. James Park,Squirrels... are like possums in Melbourne. IE: EverywhereWas spitting slightly, only damp thoughView along St. James park. across to Parliament and the Big Ben,Along the Thames towards Parliament buildings, Victoria Tower & the Big Ben. up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square, before over to Picadilly Circus to catch the train back to Marleybone. Google Maps
It was strange in a way - having seen so many of these landmarks on TV they were so familiar - but it doesn't quite do them justice, having seen them in person.