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Arrival in Mumbai

December 28, 2012

More travel adventures, so more blog post time!

Leaving Melbourne at the civilized hour of 1am Kylie and myself jetted off to Mumbai via Singapore.
First time I've been to Singapore airport, my only other 'hub' destination has been Doha in Qatar. It is massive.... but we didn't have time for shopping as there was only two hours between our flights! Rather convienient really. I'd gone and purchased a bluetooth keyboard back in Melbourne knowing this - although it hurt me to know that I probably would have payed half the price in Singapore airport.

My lack of airplane sleeping skills proven yet again, we arrived in Mumbai at 10.30 am local time, with both of us rather tired and jet lagged. Luckily customs and passport control was easy, as was our airport transfer to Anjali Inn - spotted him, jumped in a mini bus, and there!
It wasn't until later in the day when we wanted some food we found the disadvantages of the accomodation we'd chosen. Namely the distance from any tourist attractions - or decent (safe?) food.
A one hour taxi ride into the city (for a princely sum of 500 rupees - equivalent about AU$15 and we were in the middle of the 'touristy' area of Mumbai, found some food from Lonely planet guide, and had a bit of a wander - buying a pair of thongs each, as we'd both forgotten to bring any ourselves.
Then, no more than 3 hours later, another hour long taxi ride back to the hotel/inn/something with some food for later.

Kylie has crashed, and I'm typing this, wondering how we'll go with Elephant Island tomorrow, with more hour long taxi rides to look forward to.
Remind me to book further in advance for Mumbai - there were two great locations in the centre of southern Mumbai, but unfortunately neither was available for the entire three days we are spending here. In hindsight should have just stayed for 2 nights at one and the 3rd night at the other. Worth the hassle for the MUCH reduced travel time. Hindsight is 20/20 though.