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Replacing notepad on Vista

March 11, 2011

Having fun today trying to replace notepad on vista with my favourite text editor of late - Notepad++

I followed most of the instructions here:


and got the replacment notepad.exe file from here:


But found that upon trying to run it, I would get a very annoying warning:

Despite my efforts, unchecking this box would still produce the same error, even running as administrator.

Even going into the properties of the file and 'unblocking' it wouldn't stick.


I found this blog post:


But the links in it are dead!


My solution in the end: Copy the notepad.exe file I had downloaded somewhere else, unblock it there then copy it into the directories mentioned.

Silly me for not doing that to start with - because obviously it's not the same executable you find in the notepad++ program files directory.