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More London

June 16, 2010

London was action packed. As you've probably already seen, I went to the Tower of London on Wednesday. Been told by multiple people it's the one attraction in London which is worth paying for. They were right. I went there about 10am and didn't leave until it closed at 6. Royal armories, the crown jewels in a vault with the worlds largest cut diamond. But the highlight was obviously firing the trebuchet (although it had another name I couldn't recall).
I turned up for the firing of the seige weapons, and saw them fire a kind of ballista, then some water balloons out of the trebuchet. Then afterwards 'who wants a go?' which was unexpected, but was very cool.
Went home rather exausted.

Thursday was the British Museum. Free like they all are in London, it is massive. Some of the most interesting stuff was the ancient stone axes, 20 000 or more years old. The highlight was actually the history of clockwork, with myriads of different timepeices, many of them with their innards exposed, falling, clicking, spinning away. It's always fun trying to follow each cog until you reach the clock hands. The museum was open late being a Thursday, yet I still didn't get to all of it sadly and missed out on some of the European history section :(

Friday - The science museum! It seems the science museum is in a complex of museums including the natural history museum. Very similar to scienceworks, Some of the highlights:
The steam engines (none working sadly). The listening post - an exibit which parses through live irc chat messages and creates a sort of music show from it. Quite artistic. Of course humans being humans there ends up being the occasional sexual reference which sounds quite amusing coming from the monotone computer voice.
And of course the kids area, with all the hands on funky little science experiments. There were just as many non kids like myself there still :P
Yet again, ran out of time, but did get a quick look around the aviation history section, with actual full size biplanes and fighters handing down from the ceiling.
Saturday and Sunday ended up being lazy days of soccer watching. Sunday night of course being the big game, I watched it at the hostel with 3 other aussies, and had the joy of a 9 hour bus ride to Edinburgh to attempt to sleep away my sorrows of losing 4-0 =(