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Cairo - Pyramids!

May 26, 2010

Just made it to a net cafe, so two updates today, previous one just posted.
Up at 7 am today for some breakfast then off to the Giza Pyramids. Luckily just before we left I tried turning on my camera to discover it was flat somehow (it was full when I left) - so get 10 minutes of charge in it which was enough to take 50 odd photos for the day!
Got a ticket in to the great pyramid for half price for having a youth card. The shaft up to the chamber inside it was actually more interesting than the chamber itself which was rather boring. Wandered around a bit, took some photos then went to the sphinx. I was tempted by some little pyramids from some of the hawkers, but I had zero change, and didn't feel like handing over a 50 pound note to them as getting that much change can be problematic.
Our guide was quite knowledgeable and gave us a talk about stuff while we were on the mini bus to the locations we were going then let us do our own thing somewhat which worked well. We did go to a papyrus museum though and the twelve of us on the tour got bored rather quickly and she was absorbed in conversation with one of the staff with her back to us. As soon as we let her know we were on our way though.
Lunch was great - a buffet just near the pyramids for only 35 pounds - less than $10 - drinks were extra though. We've been warned to not drink the tap water here because we're not used to it. Luckily bottled water is MUCH cheaper here than in Australia - from the right place as cheap as 1 pound 80 (50c) for 1.5 Litres. You DO have to find the right place though - otherwise up to 4 times as much as that.
After lunch was off to the Egyptian museum. Our tour guide was allowed to show us through most of it except for Tutankamun's burial chamber stuff. The mask and sarcophagi are near solid gold and still very colourful, very impressive. Unfortunately no cameras allowed in :(
Some huge statues they've moved there as well were quite impressive - along with one they were actually in the process of reconstructing from peices as I watched.

Looking forward to dinner tonight in half an hour or so because until now we haven't even really had time to get to know each others names - when I arrived yesterday there was a meeting which half the group didn't even know about and I arrived in the middle of, and just been on the go all day today, and lunch was split between two tables. We're catching an overnight 13 hour train to Aswan or Luxor tonight (can't remember which) so that should hopefully be time to get to know each other a bit better as well. Apparently there are 12 of us doing the first 9 days, then 4 of us continuing on to Mt Sinai afterwards for the next 9.

Photos are up by the way!

More next time I can find a net cafe (5 pounds an hour is quite cheap though!)