Louis des Landes
Louis des Landes

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Adelaide, Australia


May 25, 2010

Apparently I'm too used to budget flying. Either that or Qatar is quite exceptional. Hot towels, sweets, free beer, nearly 200 movies to pick from, arcade games, a music collection which had half of my iphones collection already on it... quite impressive.
Attempted to stay up until around 9pm Qatar time on the plane to assist in avoiding jetlag. Currently it's 8am at Doha international and I feel OK so guess we'll see how I go. I have a lovely 5 hours ahead of me before my connection to Cairo.
Did a bit of reading about Doha on the plane, apparently they are in the process of buiding a new airport at the moment, and now I'm here you can see why. The terminal itself is spacious enough but the majority of the planes are parked a good 20 minute bus ride from said terminal, just sitting on the tarmac. There IS an awesome 'quiet room' at the terminal though - with reclined seats, lights of and no announcements. Did have a quick kip as we got in at 6am, but awake enough now and wanted to have a look around. There is a large variety of 'free public wifi' or some variation broadcasting around here, however neither my laptop or my phone can get a router address when connecting to these. After a bit of wandering finally found this bizzare cubicle for laptops and the like, to discover it's full. Luckily there are a few seats outside which access the wifi just fine. Vaguely recall something saying taking photos in public places in Qatar is prohibited, but imagine an information desk, but with frosted windows with internet explorer icons pasted over it. Quite bizzare.
Time to facebook it up while I wait :)