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May 12, 2010

As I think I've posted on facebook a few times, a bit of a vague outline of my plans is up on eurotrip.com - they have a trip planner I found very helpful for just doing an itinerary. Didn't end up actually booking anything through them, although I might try them for hostels later on. They did have a very helpful forum post however which linked to a few good sites, one of which I have booked my first week of accom in London with.

So, flying out of Melbourne on Monday May 24, at 10.55 pm. Getting to Doha at 6.15am on the 25th, then on to Cairo at 1.50pm, arriving at 5.15pm. Guess I get to bum in an airport for 7 hours. I hear the sleeping is at least possible in Doha, they have a room dedicated to it, if the seats aren't full.

The tour I'm doing in Egypt is called Nile & Sinai Revealed for 13 days - Cairo, train to Aswan, bus over to Abu Simbel, Cruise boat back down the Nile to Luxor, then train back to Cairo. Doesn't end there though, bus to Mt Sinai and up at 2am the next day to climb it so we can see the sunrise, then on to Dahab for a day before back to Cairo.

As my flight to London from Cairo turned out to be a couple of hundred dollars cheaper to go on the next day I have a day in Cairo to do my own thing... and hopefully avoid getting ripped off :P I was told from the start that it's best to do Egypt as part of a tour due to the fact Egypt is quite harsh on solo tourists. I fly out of London on June 7 at 10.30am, getting to London at 1.35pm.

I found hostelbookers.com to be the most helpful site out of the ones mentioned in the forum post above, and found my first weeks accomodation I've booked myself there. Right in between Hyde and Regent parks. Already been warned to not sit down anywhere inside Hyde or they'll try and charge you for it... how bizzare.

Next thing to organise, bus up to Scotland, and to hopefully hear back from the grandparents where I'm supposed to be going to find the 'Chisholm' clan.