Publishing shared google reader items to twitter continued!

So I’ve added another step to my grand plan of sharing links via google reader, and I think I’ve finally got twitter to work!
It actually does facebook as well now!

Previously I was using RSS Graffiti for Facebook, and attempting to use Feedburner for twitter posting.
Now I’ve gone back to twitterfeed.
I did try it originally but it seemed inconsistant and didn’t format the feed like I wanted.
Now I’ve just used twitterfeed to import the feed which feedburner exports and it seems to all be working!

I tried out the post format of Twitterfeed to facebook as well, and it seems much nicer than the RSS Graffiti which I was using previously, although it’s served me well for a while now.

Maybe once I post a few photo based things I’ll see how it’s thumbnails work too!